The “Voice of the Gospel”

The monthly publication of the “Voice of the Gospel” is the first ministry activity of the organization and began in 1942. It is the most widely distributed Christian magazine, reaching thousands of Greeks every month in every corner of our planet. In the historical course of 67 years, this magazine served and discipled whole generations with the principles of the Gospel, provoking interest and informing us about what God is doing around the world through the missionary activity of our organization and beyond.

The “Daily Bread”

Bimonthly periodical publication, a Bible study guide aimed at helping people in their daily spiritual search and journey, reminding them of principles and truths of the Holy Bible.

The “Christian’s Calendar”

A unique wall calendar with 365 daily messages that showcase the principles of the creator God as a source of inspiration for each day. It offers useful information such as sunrises and sunsets and the calendar.